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Renodots PPA [ July Winner ] - Diva's Interior Project Showcase @ 53 Wak Hassan Drive


By Admin 18 August, 2021

Renodots PPA [ July Winner ] - Diva's Interior Project Showcase @ 53 Wak Hassan Drive

Bringing together different interior design styles is an impressive task, and this home at 53 Wak Hassan Drive pulls it off wonderfully. Modern and industrial elements unite the rooms in this home, yet each room is unique and thriving.

Living room

 Raw materials reign in this contemporary styled living room. The grey stone tiles complement the natural forest brown of the furniture pieces. Laced with a few gold accents and artistic lines, the overall effect is regal, but yet still down to earth and grounded. Overall, the combination of warm wood in the dining table, soft textures in the seating areas, gold and white accents, and a few artistic touches, create a well-balanced design in this living space. A superb job by Diva’s Interior Design.

For the transition to the staircase, a feature wall with fluted panels offers a visual boundary so make the living room distinct from the staircase. Yet, the partial visibility through the strips keep the staircase from looking completely isolated, thereby creating a seamless transition from the living room.

When you have more than one living area, you can afford to keep one for guests, and another for free expression. The upper floor living room in this home is designed with a much more casual look, with plush cushions and stuffed toys lining the couch for comfort and familiarity. A full length window as a backdrop also works to illuminate the room and fill it with light.

Bold artistic choices can help to make any house feel like home by giving you room to freely express your uniqueness. Interior design gives you a wealth of opportunities to do just that, from the choice of display pieces on the cabinet, to a huge wall silhouette of the Eiffel Tower. The only limit is your imagination.


Why not turn your bathroom into your very own home spa? Designed as a place for relaxation, this bathroom oozes soothing tones and textures. The choice of marble veining at the sink is aesthetically pleasing because it’s associated with an air of luxury, cleanliness and style. The potted plant is also an excellent choice of an accent piece, especially since it is the only bold splash of colour in the room. It brings some of nature’s vibrancy into this bathroom, further letting you bask in the beauty of your surroundings.

 The wide mirror and full length frosted glass window enlarges the space, keeping you from feeling cramped, yet without compromising your privacy. Finally, the open, rounded tub with no shower curtain keeps the aesthetic clean and beautiful. You’ll feel like royalty as you give yourself a thorough pampering in this bathroom.


If you’ve got it, flaunt it. This bedroom was designed to cater to the owner’s extensive collection of handbags. By displaying the handbags on a series of floating glass shelves, the designers can help the owner organise her collection, show it off, and make it easy for the owner to view all of them at once. Plus, it adds a sophisticated wall décor to one side of the room, which keeps the otherwise empty wall from looking plain or lifeless.

 The rest of the bedroom was designed for maximum comfort. Hardwood floors keep the room’s atmosphere warm and calm. A spacious bed means plenty of room for relaxation and rest. And a plush armchair is perfect for reading. Apart from the lights illuminating the display shelves, the room is flooded with only gentle, indirect light sources, creating a visual effect that is easy on the eyes.


Kerb appeal is an aspect of design that cannot be disregarded. At 53 Wak Hassan Drive, the home exterior is well-maintained with lush greenery and pristine lines. From the moment the home is seen from the outside, it already looks well put together, which can boost its value to future buyers.

House exteriors can also enhance your lifestyle within the home. In this home, a well-kept lawn provides an aesthetically appealing view from within the home, through the panels of full length glass walls or sliding doors. For those who prefer to get up close with the great outdoors, chaise sofas are always a great option to enjoy the warm weather of Singapore. For those who are afraid it might get too hot, fret not. Diva’s Interior Design has covered all bases, adding an outdoor parasol for relief from the heat.

 Small touches finish off the look in the yard. Those who love gardening for herbs can make full use of vertical gardening to keep their plants organised in this huge yard. Pebbles and stepping stones serve as the visual transition between the outdoors and indoors.

With their artistic sensibilities and interior design expertise, Diva’s Interior Design won the People’s choice award for the month of July. A well-deserved win for a superb designer. 

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Contest starts on the 1st and on the 25th of every respective month